Friday, January 12, 2007

rounding it up at the unt library

I've been on campus all this week working at the Murch, painting the rehearsal room and, as of this morning, participating in a fruitless attempt to move the seating element of the opera theatre to a different storage space. It's me, making money, and being happy that on top of making money I also received my financial aid deposit. So happy in fact that I resisted the urge to buy a new computer with it and instead paid off one of my credit cards. Now that does feel good.

So, I am still computerless, but I have goals for this semester. The first one is: Save up some money. To do this I am applying to work in the box office, and that gives me a raise and more hours. I am also planning on going through my possessions and selling whatever I can, including a old trombone, a flute, and various electronics. The second goal is: Use that money to get a computer and a plane ticket to see Day in New York.

A roundup of my semester as it stands looks like this:
M: Chamber Class 4:30?
T: Wind Symphony 1-4
W: Departmental 12, Lesson 4, Chamber 5:45?
R: WS 1-4
F: Sleep/Practice: All day

So, until I fill in work schedules and rehearsals, it's wide open for masters recital practice.

I'm not teaching, which shouldn't come as a surprise, unless I can get a fair amount of students at a school reasonably close by. I'm hoping to gig more and get some experience in organizing a chamber group- this will be my last semester to do so before I have to do it for real, and I need some experience with marketing and publicity. That's another goal for this semester.

I'm trying to get all of this in my head because, right now, I don't want to go back to school just yet. Last semester kicked my ass, and I'm not ready to put forth effort and be a hard worker again. I'm planning on doing the UNT concerto competition, but the prelims are next Thursday and I've barely kept in shape this break, although I do already know my concerto well enough to do fine.'s the kind of thing I'd like to rock out on and I need my head to get wrapped around it sooner rather than later. There's some other competitions out there, TMTA for one, that I'd like to do, and maybe there'll be some more money in it for me.

This weekend, then, is going to be the time to get all the good, fun stuff out of the way. Ben got back into town on Tuesday and we promptly went out and had a hell of a time at the bars on the square followed by a short pilgrimage to Cool Beans on Fry Street, which has been served its eviction papers along with, *tear*, the Tomato. Goodbye unique campus street, hello commercialism and conformity. Tonight is celebrations for Chuck's birthday, tomorrow there's a trip to Dallas in the works (I noticed today that when a UNTer refers to 'going to Dallas', he or she is generally only referring to Oaklawn, the gayborhood, because that's the only place worth going in Dallas).

I'm tired and full of pancakes.

Peace out.