Monday, January 08, 2007

remember the alamo-dome

Kristopher and I made our first visit to San Antonio this weekend, to see what was up with this city down south. We had two free nights stay with a friend of his mother's, avoiding for the most part too much contact with her exceedingly annoying, officious boyfriend. In the dictionary, under 'tool', there is a picture of him.

At any rate, we saw the sights: the Riverwalk (which had no water in it on Friday but on Saturday miraculously was full again), the Alamo, the Botanical Gardens, the...uh, well, that's it really. All in all, it was quite fun. We got drunk in the afternoon off of a pitcher of margarita, ate pizza rowdily outside in the middle of nowhere near New Braunfels (which the Tool kept calling 'New Brunsfeld'), walked everywhere, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. On our way back to Denton we stopped in Austin, for lunch at the Cosmic Cafe, of course, and wandered around the capitol building. I give San Antonio a thumbs up in the way of cities, but Austin still wins my vote for best Texas town.