Sunday, December 24, 2006

as usual, i am behind on the times. can i still be tragically hip?

Because it is a season of giving, this is the only time of year that I manage to finagle new music for my collection. I spend all year pining after new releases and old favorites and make little lists in my head about what I will get when my parents give me some money to go out and buy stocking stuffers for the three of us.

Yes, I know everyone has an iPod now. Screw you. Us poor folks are still cool enough to hang on desperately to our rapidly outdating traditional media.

Anyway, A Review, by Lorn.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins: Rabbit Fur Coat

You must own this record in some form or another. Please. Do it for the kids. And the polar bears. And the ozone layer.

I like it when lyrics make me crack a smile and laugh a little, not because they are particularly hilarious, but because they are delightful. Jenny Lewis frequently does this to me, especially in her capacity as the kick-ass frontwoman for Rilo Kiley.

This one got me today:

If I run uphill I'm out of breath
If I spend all of my money I've got no money left
If I place all of my chips on only one bet
I'm all in

And it's a surefire bet I'm gonna die
So I'm taking up praying on Sunday nights
And it's not that I believe in your almighty
But I might as well as insurance or bail
-from The Charging Sky

Go get it. It'll make you feel introspective and silly and sexy and mysterious. It will make you walk down the aisles of Trader Joe's whistling the slow, silky tune of "Happy" and cause cute boys to stop and stare at the fascinating woman in their midst. And world peace. There will be world peace.