Friday, December 29, 2006

goals, ambitions, crazy stunts...just in time for new years!

Okay, take a deep breath. I'm about to tell you something you're not going to believe. Are you sitting down? Here's a fan. Let me prop your feet up. Ready? Got your heart medication? An inhaler? No, seriously.

I went running tonight. On my own volition.

Crowd check. Is everyone still breathing? No pain in the arms or chest? Wait...this man has overgasped! Call a medic!

I have a little germ of an idea in the back of my head about someday participating in a triathlon. I'm a great swimmer, I like to bike, but the only problem is I just can't run. Or can't stand it. I don't know. What I'm figuring is, this can be my challenge this year. Overcome the fear of running, and get a great ass in the bargain! I know, I know, it's already great. Well, perfection can always use a little spit and polish, don't you think? (This is the point where I fiercely deny any allegations that I am doing this to be skinnier. That is just not a feminist notion and you just forget it!)

So what better night than the one that happens to unleash a typhoon upon north Texas to start? I couldn't come up with a good reason, either, other then that sometimes I get it in my head to do something and I don't go through the pros and cons first. Pro: I want to. Con: Too late, already doing it.

The plan in my head was to jog to K's house, water his plants, stretch a little, and head back. It's about 3/4 of a mile, maybe, each way.

I made it. Both trips. All the way.

I'm sure there were various nocturnal snails and slugs going faster than me, but that doesn't matter. Heart rate, up!

My hips hurt. And I'm not sure I should be running in shoes three years old and falling apart. I've got that weird shallow breathing thing going and I'm soaked through.

But I knew I was going to like it when I gave myself a goal on the way back: get to the end of this block, and walk the last block home - and then I disregarded it. That's about when I started laughing, and I'm pretty sure I went a little crazy.

Tomorrow could very well be a day of pain.

I'll take tips and tricks. And new shoes.