Monday, February 12, 2007

mood swingin'

Man, have I been moody today. If I had to present a description of my various mental and emotional states, it would look something like a movement of a Mahler symphony.

Symphony No. 1 "Monday the Twelfth" by Lorn
I. Crabby-Antagonistic-Elated and proud
II. Mildly anxious-Sweepingly exhilirated
III. Harried and overworked
IV. Simultaneously lonely and horny (A la tango)

I don't know if it was the weather (rainy, dreary), or just the fact that I was tired and overslept a little, but this morning I couldn't shake the desire to be cranky and resistant in quartet rehearsal. In general, I was having a hard time putting up with one person in the group in a way that wasn't really his fault, but got on my nerves nevertheless. It all sort of washed away after a compliment directed toward me on the part of our coach, and steadily my mood bettered until after my very productive lesson. Running around at errands and last minute details after that got me through to lab band rehearsal, where the presence of one or two attractive people suddenly reminded me of how much I'd like a hug that means something. All this brings us up to now, the point at which I go to the pool and even all these jumping moods out with a good hard swim. It's my first real night off in a solid week and I'm looking forward to laundry and quality practice time. Maybe a good night's sleep will ensure that tomorrow (sure to be a long and busy day already) I won't find myself in a constant imbalance of proper emotions.

(And I absolutely forbid myself to go to the Loophole tonight...absolutely.)