Thursday, January 25, 2007


1. My crowd of friends is changing, ever so slightly. It now includes more jazz folks and many fewer trombonists. It's also sprinkled with people I've met at work. I miss some of the kids that used to frequent our house more often, or run more reliably in the same circles, but now I get newer perspectives and more social contact with the 'outside world', which makes me feel more well-rounded and complete. I am liking it. More philosophical thoughts on this at a later date.

2. Maybe it's time to admit this outloud: Hello, world, I would like someone to love me. Soon.


Sometime about a month ago, some fashion decision was collectively made by the skinny legged, narrowed hipped girls of the world to start tucking their jeans into their boots. Number One: You look stupid. Number Two: I cannot even begin to think of imitating that or everyone will think that I am a pear in boots.


1. The desire for it to be spring hit me earlier this morning. It's time to be wearing light skirts and fighting the urge to frolic in the park instead of going to practice. It's time for long bike rides and flowers and barbeques.

2. To Albuquerque or not to Albuquerque? That is the question at hand.