Sunday, May 18, 2003

I have been reading some of my old blogs, and have come to the conclusion that my life was much more interesting and I was a much sillier person then. Now I am all settled into this relationship with Jerry and I don't bitch and moan about boys or ramble on about self-esteem. Plus I am all feminist now. haha. Yes, I'm a stodgy patriarchy-hating bitch. yay me. Anyway, my college days are over (for now). I graduated yesterday. Good Buddha! That's a weird thought. I don't have to go to school anymore, if I don't want to. I will, but I don't have to! I can make a meager living off my Bachelor of Music degree or simply quit all that and become an exotic dancer! Hurray! Life is good. Tomorrow I am flying home to SD, Jerry is coming too, and after about a week we are driving (in my car, MY car!) to Michigan where we will be counselors at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. Hurray again! That should be fun. I wish I had thought it out a bit more, because recently (what with the onset of warm weather and green foilage) I have realized that summer in Madison is really one of my favorite things. Ever. Of course if I stayed there would be no Jerry but there would be Bethany and Em and Dan and lots more people. Hm. BUt I am committed now and anyway, it will be quite fun. I look forward to it. Unfortunately I will have no email or internet access. So no Buddha Stew again. Ah sigh. IT will be okay.
Anyway, a early morning tomorrow. perhaps i will post from San Diego. Cheers