Tuesday, August 30, 2005

reader poll

What's a more responsible, fiscally conscious way to spend my tuition refund:

a) Pull out a few hundred dollars to save for an emergency (ie car repairs, hospital, etc), put the rest in a safe, interest-earning establishment.

b) Buy a Mac Mini and an iPod, plus save some money for emergencies.

c) Get a tricked out iBook and screw the emergencies.

What would you do?

Monday, August 29, 2005

the door creaks, a girl's head cautiously appears in the quiet room

*picks up blog, brushes off dust*


So, it's been a particular busy month, and the blogging has been nonexistent, for which I apologize. In the past three weeks I have:

Spiffified my house, taught band camp, taught lessons, practiced, lifeguarded, auditioned, been orientated, examinated, and registrated, and have successfully arrived as a student at the University of North Texas.

I have an ID and everything! I had my first class this morning! It's all so exciting!

Actually, mostly I'm just overwhelmed. The ID was the first indication that something went right, the premier step in a process that was actually quite painless (Jason had told me repeatedly his struggles with registration and basic administrative stuff, but miraculously, I escaped most of the hassles). Now all that is left for me to do is settle into the routine and make myself a better trombone player.

My audition was passable- not fantastic- but alright. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and I still feel my best playing is two years behind me, so I'm here to be taught, teach, learn, practice, and improve. Not necessarily impress right off the bat. Save that for inclusion in the above verbs. I am still waiting to hear in which studio I have been placed. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it's Jan's.

I have met some cool new people, caught up with the ones I already know, and readied myself for a rocking year of housemate funtime with Jason and Chuck. We are still looking for a third roommate, but I suppose if we don't find one I'm okay with paying rent. It means we get a study/library/practice room, and that makes us cool.

Sad things: Tim and Allison are so far away. UNT is nothing like Madison. Texas is hot and my patio/backyard projects are nowhere near completion. The backspace key on this university computer lab keyboard is so pitifully small that my right wrist is pitching a tendonicular fit. My teeth hurt, suggesting that a trip the dentist is inevitable and also, most likely, ridiculously expensive.

But, I must bid you adieu for now, as my audition for placement in the prestigious UNT Lab Bands quickly approaches. I promise I will return soon and with thrilling stories of graduate school. Consider in my absence the genius that is Dinosaur Comics.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

perspective, ho!

last august I:

was new to texas
was often drunkenly homesick for madison
had a crush on leon, of all people
missed the people i worked with in san diego (mikey, nick, heidi)
was traversing the wilds of dallas for a nearby liquor store
didn't play enough trombone
had rapidly diminishing funds
was excited about teaching lessons
hated shitty marching bands
tried (and possibly failed) to be a good roommate
listened to shitloads of ani difranco
was planning a trip to austin
made up thousands of eddie izzard related private jokes
felt very uncertain about my future

two augusts ago i:

wrapped up a tumultous summer at blue lake
struggled with the end of my relationship with jerry
returned gratefully to a much-missed madison
planned half-heartedly my return to san diego
played trombone infrequently
applied for lifeguarding jobs
had no fucking clue what my future held

this august i:

live both in dallas and in denton
find myself frequently tired of teaching, but do it nonetheless
participate in a fun and sometimes frustrating relationship with chuck
have developed a deep-seated dislike of texas
appreciate greatly new friends (tim, allison)
anticipate the reappearance of older friends and soon-to-be roommates (jason)
miss wisconsin like the dickens
work infrequently at a pool with annoying employees
juxtapose past and present far too often
practice trombone almost everyday
anticipate my return to collegiate life
feel my future is not something i should worry about too often

that was a very healthy exercise. now it's your turn!

goddamm cats!!

I'm spending a few days in Dallas because of my commitment to teaching band sectionals at Poteet, which means I'm sleeping on the couch and using the lappy for (slow) internet funtimes. That means, for those not in the loop of my furniture possession status, that I am missing a desk and a bed. Both items reside currently, and will for the next two years, in Denton at the hiz-ouse.

So, when we went to Wisconsin, the kitties went to the shelter for food and runny noses, and came back with fleas as well. Not a part of the bargain, but oh well. The fleas are gone from the kitties. They are now in my apartment's carpet instead.

This means that I get to sit on the floor with my laptop and get eaten by fleas at the same time.

Goddamm it!

Also, Chuck informed me that yesterday they went on a "pooping spree" which also coincided with the peeing on of my awesome blue-and-starry bedspread. WTF is up with my kitty cats? I am madly in love with them, but it seems like they haven't had more than a week of either total health or non-psychotic pooping behavior. It's either one or the other. I think it's time to stop relying on Laniq (the shelter lady, whom I respect, admire, and sometimes am completely astounded by) and find a good vet who can make my cats healthy for good.

In the meantime I have done some research on quality foods and feeding techniques. Any suggestions?

They are still cute, yes?

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

mild panic attack

My mom has developed the habit of sending me email forwards.

You remember how back in high school it was still cool, because we were young then, and so was in the internet, and gee! this is an awesome quiz?

And then you got into college and you were trying to finish your paper on Hadyn's 900,874th symphony (in G minor) while balancing your checkbook and stressing out about Greg from downstairs who gave you that weird look in elevator and OMG should I ask him out? And you were kinda tipsy from the cheapest liquor you could get your of age friend to buy for you? And suddenly those forwards about how Marilyn Manson used to be a nice kid that got hated on in middle school and now he's EEEEEVIL so love Jesus and be kind to strangers start getting awfully aggravating. So you send out the email: "Dear people I barely now, well at least I remember hanging out with you sometimes in band but you weren't really someone I wanted to keep in touch with after college, at least not after the preliminary first six months with the check-up phone call and the 'hey wassup' letter (I wasn't planning to reply to your response because I was going to be 'just too busy' with school), Stop sending me the forwards and the quizzes. You are overfollowing my mailbox with useless tripe that melts my brain a little more every time I see the subject line: FWD: RE: FWD: HOORRAY FOR UNICORNS! Please take me off your mass email list. Yours ungratefully, Lorn"

And you lose touch with some people, but so what? Occasionally you get the rogue forward, but you've learned patience and temperance, so you take a deep breath and move on. Life continues unabated.

But now...what to tell your mother? Your own dear, sweet, loveable, kind, nuturing mother? Should you say: "Dear Mom, Thanks for the picture of the enormous cat. Wow, it sure is huge! It's funny you sent that to me because I have cats too. What a coincidence! But one thing, and please don't be offended: I really don't ever read or look at these things. In fact they toy with my blood pressure. If you could so awesomely stop sending me them, I would be eternally thankful. By the way, did I mention that I am in your debt eternally for the millions of hours and dollars you have spent on my development as a human being? And how your love and parenting have made me who I am today? Thanks! Love, Lorn"

Or is it possible to do the eye roll through email? "OMG MOM, I can't believe you'd send me forwards. That is so 1998. Forwards are, like, what cat ladies and lonely aunts send out, not to mention 11 year olds that just got their first email account. Just, cut it the hell out, okay? Yours testily, Lorn"

Indeed, a most dire straight.

august 2005: rrrraaarrgh!

Sorry about my lack of blogging recently. I've been busy, and will get even busier! Preparing for my return to school, after a two year hiatus, makes me feel a combination of anxiety, excitement, and old hat. After all, doing a new gig every year has been a trend now following my move home after graduation, and my move here after realizing that my move home was a colossal disaster. Wee!

July 30th marked my one year anniversary of life in Texas. I survived!

My birthday was fun: Chuck and I went to the Women's Museum for many informative and inspiring hours, followed by excellent Indian food at the Clay Pit, followed by numerous beers. Time well spent!

Here's my schedule for August:
August 1-12- teach PHS band camp sectionals, try not to lose mind whilst remembering fat paycheck.
August ongoing- Make the house liveable; ie blinds, backyard improvements, furniture, garage door opener, ceiling fans, washer, etc.
Also ongoing; make phone calls at some point to the following people- Davis, Sarah M, Sarah B, Jerry, Megan. If you are on the list, feel free to call me. I'm not so busy I wouldn't looooove to stop digging in my backyard and talk. Please. It's hot here.
Also also ongoing; PRACTICE ASS OFF, Study piano, theory, and history.
August 12- Fly to New York, establish cheap trip to Long Island.
August 13- See Marisa and Dennis married. Enjoy friends and alcohol.
August 14- return to Dallas, sleep.
August 18?- Start all my regular school year students back up. Keep telling myself it's all about the benjamins education of our precious youth.
August 22/23- Attempt passage of AT LEAST piano proficiency required for UNT graduate study. Must not take piano. Must not take piano.
August 24-28- Run about wildly registering and paying for classes
August 27/28- Audition, rock out, find myself in Jan's studio
August 29- Start masters degree!

Also, it's official: Jason will be my housemate for the next school year. Yay, Jason! I still have one room available...

Off to pack some more boxes! Wee!