Saturday, April 27, 2002

I need a vacation

Thursday, April 18, 2002


Monday, April 15, 2002


Okay, my renaissance paper is due on thursday and after that everything will be groovy, right? heh heh heh. hardly likely...well, it will be for a while at least. Until the next paper and set of tests rolls around. Jerry is off touring Wisconsin this week with the Jazz band. It is lovely outside, the humanities building is about 95 degrees (including the concert halls, hurray for wind ensemble!), and i am wearing shorts and a tank top. and new flip-flops! lovely. It is supposed to be even warmer tomorrow. tonight i am required to go sit through the trombone departmental, okay, so it won't be so bad but i don't want to leave the house again as it will be even more difficult to get started on the last half of my paper. i suppose i'm not really doing anything now except blogging...but hey, i did do a little researching over supper. Ah. Well I am going to pick up study food at Walgreens (they are selling 2 packages of red vines for three dollars) and maybe that will help (nothing like a stomach ache for good writing skills).
Ah well, I am happy it is spring!!

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Outside, it is lovely. My walk takes on a lighter step, i lift my head up and my eyes feel bright, the sky is blue, it's sunny, everyone's happy, there's nothing like it. it's spring. I feel like giving everyone hugs. A tingling feeling goes down my back when I realize that soon it's going to be summer and I'll be happy and everything pressing will be not so much or done completely and it'll all be wonderful. And then i come into the humanities building and check my email and realize that I HAVE SHITLOADS TO DO!!!! ahhhhh!!! Okay, calm, deep breaths. remember that once you make it through April everything will be wonderful. Your recital is done (and went well), all you have to do is take a test, write two papers, and then take two more tests, play in numerous recitals, and're done! Ah were it so simple....

Thursday, April 04, 2002

It is almost that time! this week has gone fast and pretty soon it will be Sat night, recital!!!! I am excited and ready to play, and I can't wait til afterwards because if things go as plan there will be some good social time at Paisans! this has also been a busy week and I will be glad to unload. Well, just an update, back to work for me!!