Sunday, December 30, 2001

a brief hiatus for a few days as i embark glorious northern california adventure! huzzah! happy new year, everyone! :)

Saturday, December 29, 2001

hurray! seeing nat'ly and jessie tonight, much happiness here. also we are going to disneyland on thursday. rock on! disneyland with nat and jess is my favorite thing in the whole wide world. almost. well, close. it's pretty damn fun, anyhow.

okay so the half-nekkid picture of jason is no longer gracing the internet, ah well, it certainly was something to see. (top half, just so you're not creeped out) my return date to madison is getting earlier and earlier. i keep realizing things: oh yeah rent's due on the 15th, the phone bill around then too, we need to find a house pronto, davis is lonely, i miss her and jerry and everyone, and on and on. also home has been rather uninteresting, parents are driving me insane, only childness is driving me insane. at school it's nice to live with friends. divertisment, if you will. at home it's parents. parents are not letting go. it's getting rather rough but perhaps i can handle it for a few more weeks. we'll see. nevertheless, i will sacrifice sun and warm weather for a little madison style fun. :)

good thing to do when bored:
go to, type in the name of someone you know, and see what happens. You can find many amazing things. For instance, how many of you knew that Mike Zens is a bodybuilder? And that Sean O'Hara is a horticulturist, tattoo artist, and former race car driver? And that there is a half-nekkid picture of Jason floating around on the internet? And don't forget that Chris McGann is an ace reporter in Seatle! Hehe. yes. This is excellent entertainment. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, December 27, 2001

doo do doo do doo

there is very little to entertain me in my house. i must get out! OUT! hehe. well, i'm sick of reading and watching tv, and you can only do so many puzzles (besides, my fingers get cold)...well, yeah. and of course there are the ponderances, the little negative thoughts (i think i scared jerry a bit with those...but, what else are you going to think about when you have nothing to do?)...sigh. i should call megan. it was proposed that we all go ice skating tonight. sounds neat. hope it happens.

kt and i went to borders yesterday, and i blew my gift card on lots and lots of cds. good stuff. i am especially excited about The Beta Band and my Prokofiev symphonies (all seven, rock). so now i have some new music to replenish my stale old collection.

hmm. yep, even i'm boring. i can't even entertain myself. well, sheeet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

Hm. what to say?

Well, first off, a big welcome home to me, as i made it without adventure from madison to san diego. since i got home so soon before christmas, there hasn't been much adventure to make up for it, either. hung out with megan sarah and mary on sunday night...much fun. i was mercilessly grilled about jerry. my mom did the same the next day. we went shopping--i got some new clothes, which i needed, and some cds, which i wanted, and all is good. lunch at oscars. mm, mm, yummy. pretty tame christmas, well, it is my family after all, and we're never anything but sullen or grumpy when in the same room together. it's fun. or not. I got a gift card to Borders, though, which i am very excited about and will probably spend all of within the next couple of days. i need new music, desperately. i've got some: jerry gave me a john coltrane compilation, i bought a chris thomas king cd (although not the one i was thinking i wanted) yesterday, the soundtrack to Oh Brother and (St) Coltrane's Giant Steps I bought in the airport, and today I got Herbie Hancock's Maiden Voyage as a "present" (i picked it out). So maybe I will be less dissatisfied with my music collection now that it has been refreshed a bit. Excellent.

I was disappointed by LotR. As accurate as it was to the book, and as impressive the visuals, there was something missing. Or maybe there was too much. I can't decide. I must have read those books at least 18, 19 times. It's fixed in my imagination as this giant, this behemoth of a magical world...and of course everyone's imagination works different ways. So maybe the creators missed my boat but have delighted someone else. Probably. I'm kind of a snob about the books I read. I think, especially for a classic of literature such as Tolkien's work, you should read the book before you let the movie put the pictures in your head. So some of the people in the theatre annoyed me...the little "what's going on?" and "that was the end?" comments floating around...grr! But I do think it's funny that some people have still failed to understand that it's a TRILOGY, which means, oh yes you lucky audience you, you get THREE films instead of just one. No, the story doesn't end with Sam and Frodo wandering off into Mordor...there is much much much more to come...Well, I suppose I'm being crabby about it. READ THE BOOKS, PEOPLE! I mean it. I really really mean it. This is important. READ THE BOOKS. Don't rely on the media to shape your conception of things. break free. the greatest tool you have is your ability to create your own impressions, to come away with your own understanding. This is why you read, this is why you let your mind work toward entertaining you rather than sitting for hours in front of a tv screen, a glutton of images and sounds...interact with the world. live it.

i suppose i could also argue that reading books has led me to spend many hours curled up in a chair, rejecting social responsiblities, causing me to be somewhat crabby about having to, oh say, put the book down to go eat dinner...and what am i doing now, after all? just sitting in front of a screen which also feeds me information and images painlessly without requiring much thought, rambling. Well...I have nothing to say to that. :)

a long rambling post is due today, but after i go see Lord of the Rings with my parents. merry christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Just discovered something interesting. Well, interesting, rather ironic, and, if you wish to interpret it so, somewhat symbolic. It is this:
On October 7th I posted the cryptic messages "Is it worth it" and "Yes, it is worth it, but only if I am not shy about it" in reference to my inner struggle about Jerry being resolved (I had on that day decided I would like him, come what may). October 7th is Ryan's birthday. What can we take out of this? Or is Lorn, having read perhaps too many books and having, perhaps, too much time to think, overanalyzing this coincidence? After all, she had recovered from the Ryan-mishap a good two months before. I would like, for the record, to take this as conclusive evidence that all emotional holes caused by the previously mentioned boy have been healed over and filled. Much satisfaction here. We at 510 N Henry #1 are all very happy about this, and, therefore, have cause to celebrate.

I have been brainstorming for quite some time as to how I should update/improve/revitalize Buddha Stew. And I have realized that Madison is sucking up my creative energy and that any changes I make must wait until I get home and have way to much time on my hands. The problem is that Buddha Stew has lost its buddha stewiness and is, therefore, quite uninteresting and definitely not at all thought provoking. I guess there's only so much you can say about weather and how great you think your boyfriend is. What happened to the rants! The angst! The poshlost! The discussions of intersubjective samadhi and buddhist meditation! Sigh. The fact is, I have become your Jane-average college girl living a generally happy existence. And no stupid or weird things have happened to me lately so I can't even rant about that. Grr. What shall I do, faithful readers? Not-so-faithful readers? First-time comers?

So, I guess I will have to be patient, and, if I get home ("if" being used in this context to dramatize the current state of my plane ticket, which is "lost") perhaps I will have some great adventure to relate. We shall see. Patience, patience my dears.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

mucking around on the internet, when i should be studying i guess, well maybe i'm taking a break, yeah, let's say that.

so far it looks like my gpa might go up this semester, but then again i haven't taken my african final nor has my conducting/pedagogy grade been posted. but at least it won't suck. :) and my dad will be happy and i go about my business not really worrying about things. gpa! i shudder to think that my musical achievement can be graded. that means holding me up to a standard of general musical achievement and i certainly can't attest to any sort of greatness or excellence in the matter. my musical achievement is monstrously slow. grr.

hans is asking me difficult questions again, so i must devote my thinking time to that. toodles.

Saturday, December 15, 2001

They should make all universities and colleges have uniform holiday breaks. This would allow me to see some of my friends for more than three days upon arriving home a week after they've all gotten back. Yes, it should be so. I decree it!

Last night was some quality Jerry time. It was excellent. I am content. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra!

Tonight Jerry Abby Tony and I went to see the play that Douglas was stage managing. "Two Words, Confusing," and it was very very funny. Highly enjoyable. I don't really have anything more to say about it. Which is no offence to the play or Doug, of course, but more of a "shit i'm really very tired and my eyes hurt" sort of thing.

I feel like it's Friday. I wish it were Friday! Then classes would be over and we would have finally had our BQ "recital" and I could start drinking. And maybe I'd have more than ten minutes of time alone with Jerry. Yeah, that'd be nice. Humph. I've pretty much got everything finished, work-wise, so now I'm just sitting around waiting for everyone else to be done, and it's turning out to be awfully boring. There is quite a bit of thinking/studying I have to do for African Storyteller...but I think I can put most of it off until the weekend is over. Until my jury on Monday is over, actually.

I really really really really want to eat a pizza right now. I've been smelling pizza off and on for about 5 hours and it's driving me insane. Because I want a pizza. now. Unfortunately I am ALL ALONE and there is no one who will split the cost of a pizza with me. Sigh. C'est la vie. Perhaps instead I will eat....ah hell, there's nothing that would satisfy me as much as a pizza would. Damn.

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Ahhh-dam has a webpage and he didn't tell me! I had to discover it on my own. Well, he's linked at left, whether he appreciates it or not.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Howdy all
Today was a pretty excellent day, if I may say so. It's not like anything amazing happened, or anything funny, but it just remains in my mind as being rather good. I was thinking that perhaps I should notice this more, as opposed to walking around in my cloud of grumpiness and not taking pleasure in the smaller things.

So what was so good about today, you ask? Well, just a few things. 1)Last day of trombone choir 2)I finished my conducting video tape 3)I actually got through all the stuff I needed to practice for the first time in...oh, two weeks and... 4)I saw NATE DOGG at the Nat tonight. It rocked. I haven't seen him since July. He still owes me a beer or two though, for that bike accident incident. Hehe. Good times! Nate! I hope he comes back and works more next semester. There need to be more conversations like the lettuce one. Confused? You'll probably find the answer in a blog from late June/early July. Nate kicks a lot of ass. While I was at the nat I also swam a 100 freestyle in 1:14...which considering my out of shapeness, is not too bad! It's only 12 seconds or so more than what I used to do in high school. I was pretty impressed. Y'all should be too. :)

So all in all I am satisfied with my Monday Dec 10th experience. I don't really have much more to say about, I shan't, but perhaps I will pop on over to Top Five and post something new....

happy tuesday!

Friday, December 07, 2001

I am now part of a prestigious new drum midwest drum corps! Check out the link at left--it's the 2308 University 12th Lancers! We rock. I'm part of the tenor line and I just have to say:
DRUMLINE RULES! hehe. Now I can be a dick and smoke a lot of pot and disrespect the directors. Of course this is all drummer stereotyping I have carried over from high school and is not true at all of the very diligent and respectable people that make up the country's drumlines. I get to make my own quad set...I'm looking for a bunch of randomly sized coffee cans. I have (chop)sticks and Buster wrote me a solo! Oh yeah. Lancers are the coolest. Go check it out...positions are filling up fast. :)

Friday night and not much to do...not much sleep last night so I took a three hour nap this afternoon and then sat through an hour and a half of the trumpet departmental...both of which have made me feel very much in need of physical activity. Emily and I are considering having a dance party.

Speaking of physical activity, today in BQ Mikey and I invented a new sport. It involves throwing an object at a person with a trashcan on their head, and they have to catch it in the trashcan. I'm not sure what we're going to call it, but believe you me, this new sport will have taken the nation by storm before you know it. Oh yes, just you wait.

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Well, inexplicably, I got sick yesterday and have spent the past day and a half moaning and feeling miserable...taking the afternoon off currently (although I have to go back to humanities for this &#$@** symphony rehearsal) and have actually accomplished some things. I watched Sleeping Beauty and read my pedagogy book and picked out my two pieces for conducting on thursday. So maybe being sick won't put me back as far as I thought it would. Still, my jury piece is in bad shape (or rather, I'm in bad shape...not only am I sick and have terrible high range anyway, I also split my lip last night in the middle of a particularily violent sneeze. grr) and I cancelled my rehearsal with Scott...hmm, well, next week shouldn't be too bad. I just have to get my conducting video done and all is good. And finals week can start and end and then I can go home!!!

Jerry stopped in unannounced last night, to see how I was, and made me feel tons better. Thanks kiddo! :)

Sunday, December 02, 2001

ah, the happiness of tea!

many schmu greetings, davis!

Saturday, December 01, 2001

hello! :) :)

yes, it was a marvelous evening! dinner was good, the dance itself was extremely fun (entertainment provided by ian and chase), jerry looked very sexy and i had no major dress mishaps (the only mishaps relating to my shoes).

jerry showed up at 6:30 for dinner with the other kids at 7, there was some confusion and lateness getting to the restaurant but it all worked out. made it to the dance around 10:30 (still recurring lateness) and proceeded to boogie! jerry and i made up a whole bunch of dances...our version of flamengo dancing took the floor by storm, i'm sure. the dj was a little...well, dorky, but he played fun music for the most part...although it's not hard to make dancing to lame music fun. i'll honestly say it was the most fun i've ever had at a dance! thank god high school is behind us. :)
afterwards we went over to abby's and watched the end of the Labrynth, and walked back to my place. we were both tired so we curled up in my bed and stayed that way until 1:30 this afternoon...

well, i don't know what else to say. happy? you betcha, bucky. ;)